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Senior / Mid Software Developer (NodeJS + ReactJS) - AI / Innovative Solution (CLOSED)

Łódź, Polska (Hybrid)

Full- Time

About the Job

Hey! Nice to see you!

Let’s share our stories to get to know a bit better…. We are business and technology enthusiasts constantly hungry for new challenges, self-, and others-development and nothing motivates us more than great software products and happy customers.

At Incubly, we believe that great people want to work with great people, so we started to build a company that will attract great minds and that we can achieve everything not feeling that we work, but just having fun….

Our mission is to mainly support tech companies and startups (scale-ups) in fast and high-quality scale-up of their teams and boost their product development, testing, and deployment; so, we can succeed together.

We are currently working with an Israeli start-up that is a pioneering developer tooling company, leveraging advanced real-world generative AI to elevate the coding experience for over a million developers worldwide. With a sharp focus on natural language processing and machine learning, our Partner empowers developers to code more efficiently and creatively.  

Are you a visionary software developer eager to shape the future of coding and have a global impact? If you like to work with us, let us share our need for competencies - we are looking for Senior Software Developers. 

Your daily responsibilities

  • Participate in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging

  • Write clean code to develop functional web applications

  • Troubleshoot and debug applications

  • Develop new services and improve existing services

  • Gather and address technical and design requirements

  • Provide training and support to internal teams

We need you to have

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience, preferably across a variety of languages, technologies and tools (Typescript with NodeJS and React as a preference)

  • Experience working on modern, high scale, production-grade projects

  • Experience with databases (relational or NoSQL)

  • Experience working with any cloud platform

  • A decision-maker that takes analytics & data-guided actions

  • A go-getter that needs very little guidance to “conquer the mountain”

  • All-around team player, fast, self-learning individual

Would be great if you have

Some experience with:

  • DevOps

  • building for B2B on-prem

  • working at an early-stage startup

  • Rust

  • IDE plugins: Typescript (VSCode), Java (IntelliJ, Eclipse), c# (Visual Studio)

 Our Architecture and Technology Stack

  • B2B, B2C, SaaS, Self-hosting

  • Backend services + web: Typescript (NodeJS + ReactJS)

  • Binary on clients: Rust

  • IDE plugins: Typescript (Visual Studio Code), Java (IntelliJ, Eclipse), C# (Visual Studio)

  • Postgres & Redis

  • GCP, AWS

  • Kubernetes

Our offer

In addition to great company and challenging projects, we can offer much much more, i.e.

  • knowledge sharing within our company

  • agile and friendly atmosphere, non-violent communication, and full respect for diversity

  • possibility to choose from onsite (in Lodz, Poland) or hybrid work (2-3 day a week in our office in Łódź city centre)

  • B2B or employment contract

Remuneration depending on seniority:

  • Leader:  1700 - 2200 PLN net/ day of providing services on B2B or 27 000 - 35 000 PLN gross/ month on the employment agreement (UoP)

  • Senior: 1300 - 1700 PLN net/ day of providing services on B2B or 21 000 - 27 000 PLN gross/ month on the employment agreement (UoP)

  • Mid: 1100 - 1400 PLN net/ day of providing services on B2B or 18 000 - 23 000 PLN gross/ month on the employment agreement (UoP)

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