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Our story

We have a strong background in building software houses and R&D centers from scratch. Companies we’ve run stand behind dozens of success stories for customers of any size and location: from small startups in the APAC region to Silicon Valley’s Big Tech.

Today, we use our unique toolbox of exceptional management skills, technical excellence, legal and financial knowledge and capabilities to set up operational teams instantly and successfully.

We are based in Poland, the European country famous for top-grade engineering specialists exclusively driven by commitment, quality and flexibility.


Adam Federowicz


Business-driven senior executive with a strong track record of growing diverse businesses in rapid time. Takes the lead in the company regarding financial planning, process improvement, organization & governance.


Experienced in scaling both early-stage Venture (VC) and Private Equity (PE) companies as well as large publicly traded global companies. In charge of business strategy, companies transformation and optimization.


Enthusiastic individual with a positive mindset, eager to make things work better/simpler, and keen to work collaboratively with people to help organizations rise up to any challenge

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Piotr Waluch


Enthusiast of modern leadership, inspired by non-hierarchical companies where people feel responsible for their decision making and business performance. Strong leading skills: coaching and mentoring.


Motto: "A company is only as good as its people."

Chief Technology Officer with nearly 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors. Capable of both building and leading technology teams (up to 700 engineers) and delivering solutions that address complex business objectives.

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Michal Balinski

Engineering Manager

Leader with strong technical background of software development and solutions architecture. Domains of technical expertise: cloud native applications, microservices, multitenant SaaS solutions, API's, cloud computing, software integration, asynchronous messaging and processing.

Leader with experience managing engineering teams within product organizations and SI project teams. Driving engineering teams and organizations (up to 100 engineers). Has agile mindset and knowledge of scaling product organization governance (Less and Nexus scrum frameworks). Gained experience working in such industries as payments, banking, telecommunications, eCommerce, airlines and automotive

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Tomek Adamczewski

Chief Architect

Strong enthusiast of the Twelve-Factor App principles, event sourcing, JVM ecosystem and the CNCF stack. Keen practitioner of the strategic DDD, software craftsmanship, design for testability, continuous refactoring and metrics-driven improvements

Expert at designing and delivering software solutions for various business sectors: fintech, identity management and authentication, cloud computing and more…
Specialized in working under various security standards and certifications: ISO 27001, PCI, GSMA. Focused on availability, observability, scalability and other operational aspects of software systems. 

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Emil Nowak

Quality Evangelist

Test automation enthusiast. BDD evangelist. Enhances product quality by digging deep into the stages of the development process.


Over 15 years of QA experience in products/projects in various domains: payments, portals, banking, insurance, and telecommunications.  

Worked with backend and frontend applications. Expertise in creating test plans for single products/projects and test strategies for groups of products and for even the whole company. Managed teams of quality and security engineers.

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