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We empower Your digital business with exceptional Teams

Stand out in the market with us

You are 
a tech startup 
scaling up

and looking for

game plan and talents

to join the journey?  


You already have a
solution in place,

but want to
keep up with
evolving technology?


You want to

boost your business

but need the

big picture and game plan on new growth opportunities? 

We are here to bring your vision to life with an efficient and professional approach.

We reinforce you with high-skilled tech experts. Interdisciplinary and fully operational development teams tailored to your needs to deliver end-to-end technology projects.

We take a lead when it comes to

and Architecture

Digital platforms architecture design and technology assessment, continuous integration, scalability and reliability evolution roadmap. 


Lean engineering practices covering entire software development lifecycle: design, prototyping, implementation and industrialization.


Definition and implementation of holistic quality approach and test automation, seamlessly woven into development process.

What makes us unique?

We believe that the main success factor is not only expertise,

but above all team spirit and drive.

So we offer much more than just well-run consulting or outsourcing services.

The teams we set up turn into your R&D Center, where we conduct all business operations and organizational structure for the long haul. 

How can we start?

We know, you might not be ready to start R&D Center from a day one.
This is a commitment you may not be ready yet. 

We can start working together step by step 
and let the cooperation evolve to the next level in its own pace, just to keep you comfortable and provide services you really need at where you are at the moment!


If you already have your team or just need a second opinion on your solution and approach, this is where we can start.

We can do a comprehensive review 
whether your teams are on the right rails, inspect solution architecture, or design development strategy. 


You already have a solution design, but your team is not big enough to push it trough? Or you don't wont to create a team on your own? 

We can provide and manage a team for you. The you can decide, whether to go to the next level.

R&D Center

This is what we believe is a target model.

We create a team which is a part of your company from day one and fuel it with our expertise and knowledge.

You decide how long you want to work with us, without risk of loosing knowledge or team capacity.

Zespół Inżynierów Przemysłowych

We get Your
R&D Center
up and running with

  • highly experienced professionals 

  • world-class specialists who join your in-house organization 

  • agile, cross-functional, customer-oriented teams 

  • excellently organized workplace and infrastructure

We support you in

  • building solutions from scratch and enhancing existing ones

  • perfecting software life cycles and development processes

  • fostering an exceptional company culture  

  • maintaining the highest professional standards  

  • devising long-term, highest priority, viable business strategies


Your R&D Center
with Incubly

  • branch out your business in Central Europe and speed things up with our top expert team

  • grasp team's knowledge and engineering capabilities for your company from day one  

  • get total financial transparency - no hidden costs nor fine print 

Team bonded with unique culture

  • achievers focused on delivering workable solutions with the best practice approach

  • flexible and also pragmatic mindset, open and ready to deal with evolving business challenges

  • committed to quality in its every aspect 

  • outstanding team spirit based on relationships, integrity and cooperation

  • prepared to work at scale

Dalej drużyno

Customers about us

Jean Hubert Rochefort, COO of Trust & Sign​


"In a very short time, Incubly has really enabled Docaposte Trust & Sign to significantly strengthen its R&D capacity in Poland, and to raise its level of maturity in product development and quality control processes."

Why Poland?

Poland is situated at the heart of Europe, which gives it an ideal location for investors who want to expand their business both to the East and to the West.

For more than 30 years Poland has been a rapidly expanding market for foreign companies which highly value its openness, unique geographical location and stable economic development.

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