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Customer Success Stories


About Customer

Docaposte is a key French leader in the Digital Trust business area. DocaposteTrust & Sign is the dedicated subsidiary of Docaposte for digital signature and digital vault, with a large presence in Europe.

Incubly's role

Our role has been to establish a new engineering team involved in projects related to digital signature, and to extend existing digital vault team.

Incubly's work was to manage knowledge transfer and to integrate new teams with existing part of the organization. The final outcome of Incubly's work is a fully operational team rather than a group of independent individuals. 

Incubly experts helped and supported implementation of best practices in the engineering excellence and product management area. The entire process has been driven and managed professionally by Incubly experts and helped to extend quickly engineering capabilities in Lodz Office. 

One of many important aspects of success of new team integration with Docaposte organization is higher predictability of engineering teams and higher quality of products, thanks to a professional and transparent collaboration between business stakeholders.

Customer about us

"In a very short time, Incubly has really enabled Docaposte Trust & Sign to significantly strengthen its R&D capacity in Poland, and to raise its level of maturity in product development and quality control processes."

Jean Hubert Rochefort, COO of Trust & Sign

Incubly's role

Our responsibility was to manage and scale engineering organization and processes within Kiru. Incubly appointed Head of Engineering to supervise engineering processes and teams, which included 6 teams across Poland, Colombia, and US. Software engineering organization was scaled from 25 to 50 engineers during one year of cooperation. Main purpose of scaling organization was to accommodate support and evolution of existing production platform together with development of new web and mobile interfaces as well as platform extensions for international rollout to new markets.


Incubly helped Kiru to remodel and implement agile delivery processes to improve commitments delivery and quality of features. There were introduced new E2E validation team and automated testing practice which led to reduced change lead time and deployment failure rates. Improved agile practices resulted also in higher predictability of software delivery timelines - scrum sprint delivery predictability raised above 90% in average.

Customer about us

„We were fortunate to partner with Incubly for our worldwide Engineering support. Their expertise, management, organization building, and support skills significantly advanced our product and developed a sophisticated industrialization and scaling of our Engineering platform, including Architecture and Solution Design, Development, Support & DevOps Engineering, robust QA validation cycle, and technical release coordination. This talented team was great to work with and helped to ensure realistic requirements and goals and solid communication throughout the project.”

Carlos Roca, CEO Kiru LLC


About Customer

Kiru - a fintech startup from Austin in Texas US. Company providing electronic payroll in SaaS model for small and medium businesses. Payroll system built at Kiru is a platform for employee benefits system that enables financial freedom across Latin America.


About Customer

Rekor's motto: “Driving the world to be safer, smarter, and more efficient” says a lot. Advanced powerful analytical solutions for vehicles, roadways, and city infrastructure to delivery roadway intelligence and insights that improve safety on roadways and for communities.

Incubly's role

Together with Rekor engineers from Israel and across the US we collaborated to deliver a breakthrough next generation platform to advance the state-of-the-art for intelligent infrastructure. Our goal was to design platform deployed in AWS ecosystem with strong focus on scalability, data processing and data governance. We decided to use DDD framework to improve collaboration with Rekor stakeholders. It ensured that software systems are designed and implemented in a way that aligns closely with the business domain they are intended to serve. By focusing on the core domain and modeling it explicitly, DDD enables developers to gain a deep understanding of the problem space, and to design solutions that are more effective, efficient, and maintainable.

Customer about us

"I strongly recommend Incubly due to their exceptional capabilities in engineering architecture projects, as demonstrated by their ability to analyze and address a wide range of needs from technology and business perspectives. Their team of experienced professionals consistently applies industry best practices and state-of-the-art cloud architecture to create scalable and adaptable solutions driven by customer needs. Incubly's expertise in understanding clients' long-term vision and dedication to delivering innovative approaches set them apart from competitors. Their professionalism and open communication further enhance the overall experience of collaborating with them. In summary, Incubly's impressive skill set makes them a top choice for any organization seeking high-quality engineering architecture solutions."

Shai Maron, SVP R&D and GM

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