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We build teams

Our aim is to build only super skilled technology teams, always ready to learn and face challenges.


We have experience of doing so in scaled agile, coordinating work of multiple distributed and international teams. This taught us, that only pragmatic approach, where teams are adopting agile methodologies to best fit particular situation, allow them to be productive, remain flexible and constantly improve themselves.   


Fintech, Banks & Payments

 digital payments, card tokenization, click to pay, secure remote commerce, contactless & remote payments, digital wallet, online banking, portals, digital processes

Digital Identity

authentication, identity proofing, digital identity provisioning, digital wallets,

SDK & API, developers portal


enterprise service bus, public API, ecommerce, online customer self service, corporate and informational portals, developer portals

IoT & Automotive

connectivity services, remote eSIM management,
keyless car services

Telecoms & Mobile

remote SIMeSIM profiles management,
BSS & OSS systems,  digital wallet for MNOs, ecommerce and customer self-care, corporate and informational portals

Device OEM’s

trusted service manager, connectivity,
over-the-air provisioning,
remote provisioning of security credentials,
digital wallets

Business and industries

Our expertise


Lean, context-aware approach to discover and design distributed microservice architectures:
the 12 factor apps, event sourcing, serverless and lambda/kappa architectures

Business logic

Modern web and mobile applications backed by cloud-native services with Domain Driven Design, Event Storming and BPMN Digital Processes

Data processing

Data persistence layer, data meshes, analytic tools and BI dashboards at any scale. Industrialization of data pipelines.


Scalable, automated, cloud-based platforms suitable for microservice architecture. Platform deployment in private cloud environments or in public cloud providers:

Run & SRE

Running and developing software in JVM languages (Java, Groovy, Scala, Kotlin). DevOps tools for continuous delivery and observability: Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring, logging and tracing. 

Continuous Integration

TDD and BDD oriented approach to quality assurance and test automatization covering all software aspects: integration, performance, reliability and security. 


1'st Week

Assessment of Needs

Review of your technology stack, architecture, requirements and recruitment strategy


Verification of market analysis

1'st Month

Local Entity Setup

Your future Head of Entity presentation,


Contract signature,


Local entity registration

1'st Quarter

Team Workspace

Infrastructure and workspace is organized,


Shiny new employer branding is in place.

Team structure is ready

1'st Half

Team creation

Your team is staffed with top class specialists.


Your team is empowered  with best engineering practices and methodologies

And beyond

Full steam ahead!

Your team is included into Incubly network.


Work culture in your team is animated by us.


We track your team’s engineering process KPIs.

Our model approach

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