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We bootstrap your software engineering squads. Your squads!
Inspiring, bespoke, capable.

Let's create your R&D center together.

It will be 100% transparent for you – with no hidden costs and fine prints.

Incubly can help your company settle in Central Europe by delivering you the team extension as an organized and fully operational unit.

We will create your software development subsidiary

  • We'll set up a new legal entity owned by your company

  • We'll staff it with the top of the class professionals

  • We'll organize a workspace and infrastructure for them

  • We'll empower it with the best practices and methodologies

  • We'll keep an eye on the company culture

  • We'll make sure they operate as a one team within your organization

and much, much more…

Our Story

Our Story

We have a strong background in building software houses and R&D centers from scratch. Companies we’ve run stand behind dozens of success stories for customers of any size and location: from small startups in the APAC region to Silicon Valley’s Big Tech.

Today, we use our unique toolbox of exceptional management skills, technical excellence, legal and financial knowledge and capabilities to set up operational teams instantly and successfully.

We are based in Poland, the European country famous for top-grade engineering specialists exclusively driven by commitment, quality and flexibility.

Our Culture

Our Culture

Each product needs to be approached individually, but anything of value requires solid foundations. What distinguishes strongholds from sandcastles in the digital world are: standardized approach to quality, the DevOps culture and the inspection-adaptation-transparency triangle. That certain mix of startup mindset and enterprise software delivery process is our formula for successful software.

We value close collaboration, based on strong relationships combined with true leadership.

Our Offer

Our Offer

Organizational design

Design and setup of engineering teams to fit your current and future business needs.


Everything that is needed whenever your legacy system requires modernization or further extensions.

Business operations

Everything that happens within your subsidiary to keep it running.

Quality strategy

Definition and implementation of holistic quality approach to meet your expectations.

Software development

Set of modern engineering practices that covers all phases of software lifecycle: conceptual phase, prototyping, implementation and industrialization.


All activities and practices to ensure successful go-live and smooth day-2 operations.

Our Background

Our Background

We have significant experience of delivering software for different businesses:

  • fintech and payment ecosystems:  banking schemes, contactless and ecommerce payments, online banking, tokenization, transaction processing

  • telecommunications, connectivity, GSM, IoT

  • automotive

  • ecommerce and portals

  • authentication, identity

  • security, cryptography


and using different technologies:

  • JVM languages (Java, Groovy, Scala, Kotlin)

  • Distributed architectures and microservices:
    the 12 factor apps, event sourcing, serverless and lambda/kappa architectures

  • Domain Driven Design, Event Storming

  • Datahubs, data processing and analysis, data meshes

  • Public cloud providers: AWS, AZURE

  • DevOps tools: Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring/logging/tracing systems

  • Quality and testing: TDD, BDD, test automatization, contract tests, performance & reliability tests, security tests

Our People


Head Of People

Passionate about agile, diverse and inclusive organizations. Experienced in discovering and shaping company culture, which become full of engagement, creativity and focus.

Over 15 years of experience in HR business processes and employee life cycle management in software companies (recruitment, onboarding, development and departure). Always eager to innovate and experiment with the aim to challenge the status quo.

Master of Psychology, certified business soft skills trainer.

Our People
Contact Us

Contact Us


ul. Kosciuszki 103/105
90-441 Lodz


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